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AnimesUpdates.com is a platform operated by a group of otakus. We have been watching anime for years, and have developed this website to post our honest opinions on anime/manga recommendations with our own watching experience. Also, you can be a part of our anime community by following our social media.

AnimesUpdates.com - About Our Team of Otakus

We are a team of 23 Otakus that have been watching anime for more than 10 years. Since this community was formed, we already had a plan of not limiting our knowledge of anime to just ourselves, and sharing it with the world to help new anime fans know about which anime are worth watching, and which manga is worth reading. 

As we came to know that more people are getting interested in anime & manga, we finally decided to guide them with some awesome anime & manga recommendations based on our knowledge gained by binging anime for years. 

Thus, we came up with AnimesUpdates.com. Our mission is to rank anime series, and its characters to the best to help you know which character is currently the most famous, and which anime is worth your time. Also, we do surveys on our social media platforms to know the anime community’s ratings on various anime and characters.

So, give into our categories, and read the latest blogs on anime, and we’re sure you will love those amazing recommendations. Also, if you want to be a part of our team, just meet and talk with our group of otakus by checking our their contact information below:

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