Best Chinese Anime of All Time (Top Rated Picks)

Best Chinese Anime of All Time (Top Rated Picks)

Anime has been getting more and more popular nowadays. Watching anime gives different perspectives on life, and it can be a great source of entertainment.

Japanese anime has gained massive popularity due to its diversity of content, complex storylines, and Detailed Character arcs.

But, Chinese anime, also known as Donghua, is also gaining influence because of its Distinct Cultural differences in Art style and storyline.

Due to the increasing popularity of Chinese web novels, demand for their anime adaptation is also increasing in the fanbase. So, there are a lot of Chinese anime being Produced.

So, here we have compiled a list of some best Chinese anime of all time, which will help you to get started on your journey of watching Chinese anime series.

1. Link Click:

Link Click

If you are fond of the concepts of time travel, then this series is a must-watch for you as the story brings a unique perspective to the time travel genre.

The Plot revolves around two employees of a photo studio Who use their Unique abilities to get inside their clients’ photos and travel through time to solve their problems.

This series is very underrated because, at a glance, many people think that the story is all about time travel, but we have to tell you that it offers much more than that.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then we Highly recommend checking out this amazing work.

2. God’s Mi Yu Xing Zhe:

God’s Mi Yu Xing Zhe

This Chinese anime was released in 2021. It is based on a Chinese comic, God’s Mi Yu Xing Zhe, Written by the Author Aqua Deep Sea. This Anime is also as Popular as Uncharted Walker.

This story takes place in a world with advanced Technology where VR games have become very popular, and people can actually enter Inside Games, which have Immersive virtual reality Worlds that feel like they have come to another world.

Suddenly, one day, due to a Strange Phenomena, a skilled gamer, Wei Bu Si, along with Players who were playing a virtual reality game called “Uncharted Walker,” was trapped inside the game.

Now, if they want to escape from the game and return to the real world, they must overcome various challenges of the game and face difficult obstacles in their way through teamwork. There will be consequences to bear for their actions inside the game.

In Short, if you like stories around Gaming, Survival, and Fantasy, Uncharted Walker is worth checking out.

3. Yao Shen Ji:

Yao Shen Ji

Yao Shen Ji, alternatively known as Tales of Demons and Gods, is a Popular Chinese anime series that started airing in 2017.

It is based on a famous web novel written by the Author, Mad Snail. This series shows a world with many different races, such as Spiritualists, demons, Magical Beasts, and other Fantasy Creatures.

A powerful demon spiritualist, Nie Li, along with his six deity-ranked beasts, wages a battle against the Sage Emperor, but unfortunately, he loses, and the Sage Emperor Kills him.

But after his Death, Nie Li finds himself inside his 13-year-old self with all of his memories and knowledge from his previous life. So he decides to change the outcome of his previous life this time and his hometown and the people he cared about.

Tales of Demons and Gods has a Compelling Plot with a strong-willed Protagonist who is determined to change his Fate this time.

4. Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan: Beryl and Sapphire:

Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan_ Beryl and Sapphire

Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan is a Chinese animated series that was first aired in 2018. It is also known as Beryl and Sapphire because it follows the story of two princesses of a certain magical Kingdom named Beryl and Sapphire.

It is based on a famous Chinese comic of the same name created by Zuo Hsuan. Beryl is Older among them and possesses the power of Fire, and Sapphire is the younger one who possesses the power of ice.

Dark Forces around the kingdom are Plotting to overthrow their father from the throne and take over. So, together, they have to use their power to protect their father and the people of their kingdom from dangers lurking around.

The show includes a large variety of magical beasts and elements of fantasy settings with Beautiful animations. The characters are very engaging and depict concepts of Family and Loyalty very well.

The relationship between Beryl and Sapphire is a Central aspect of the show as they have some unique personality traits that Complement them to work together well.

So, if you haven’t watched it yet, then it surely deserves a spot on your watchlist.

5. The Daily Life of the Immortal King

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

The immortal King, All Wang Ling, just wants to live an ordinary life. But you don’t get to live the life you always want because it’s anime and anime can’t be anime of its own, something imaginative not involved in it.

Anime has its rules, and those rules don’t bend for Wang Ling too. Unfortunately, Wang Ling possesses supernatural powers, using which he could accidentally destroy the world. To keep the world safe from his destructive powers, he wears a suppressive anklet.

But the powers of his amulet are starting to weaken, and it won’t be able to suppress Wang’s powers anymore. Get ready to experience the twist and turns of Wang’s life as she searches for a new solution to his problem.

6. Full-Time Magister

Full-Time Magister

Full-Time Magister is an alternative version of the world where magic rules science. In this world, the students don’t learn scientific experiments; they learn to use magic instead.

This show might give off the vibes of the Harry Potter series to you, but still, it’s different. Students of this world not only learn unique magic spells and learn to fight dangerous beasts with magic but also get paid for doing magic-related magic-related jobs.

7. The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar

A retired pro gamer, Ye Xiu, who used to be a top professional gamer, is all set to try out his skills by playing the newly launched game ‘Glory’.

It wasn’t Ye Xiu who wanted to take the retirement, but rather a forced retirement from his office. This caused Ye Xiu to find a job at an internet cafe, where he could not stop himself from trying to play the newly launched Glory game.

The problem he is faced with is that he has no funding from his company’s side, no team, no reputation. So now he is only left with the gamers’ determination. But this doesn’t scare Ye Xiu, as he is ready to jump into this new game of Glory and conquer it, too.

8. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

None like power, but seeking the path to gaining power can make people turn towards the darkest of paths. This is what happens to the seekers of the power of immortality through the wrong means.

These power seekers in the anime “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation” call themselves the “cultivators ‘. A similar thing happens to Wei Wuxian, who, in his pursuit to rise in power, gets himself on the dark path.

9. Martial Universe

Martial Universe

In a world where, to have immense physical strength is considered as the reciprocal of respect. This is the reality of the “Great Yan Empire”, which is divided into 4 clans.

The Lin clan is one of the clans which is the source of some real drama. The story starts when a clan member gets banished for his weakness in strength, but he trains himself to rejoin his clan one day.

When Lin Dong was a child, he saw his father getting banished from his clan and humiliated by the members of the Lin Clan. This incident pierced through his heart and Lin Dong started harboring the feeling of getting revenge against the Lin Clan for what they did to his father and his family. But his direction changes after he finds a mysterious talisman.

10. Scissor Seven

Scissor Seven

Wu Liuqui is a bounty hunter who can transform into anything that he desires. He had the ability to use powerful psychic scissor attacks. But having strength alone isn’t enough because Wu Liuqi is bad at his job and weak at throwing scissors.

Most of the boy bounty hunters don’t accidentally target the wrong people. Wu Liuqi is doing this job to pay off his debts and not for his interest in the game. His main interest lies in discovering the truth about his past, because he lost all his past memories and doesn’t remember them.

11. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens

This is going to be a great one if you have a liking for Chinese anime.

When Xiao Yan was a child, he had incredible magical powers. But for some reason, Xiao is starting to lose his magical powers and is almost left with no magical powers. Xiao gets left behind by his fiance, who leaves him after she discovers that Xiao has no magical powers now.

His fiance, Yan Ram Na Lan, was from a wealthy family. When Xiao learns about this, he challenges her to a one-on-one duel battle, which will be held after 3 years.

Xian told her that if he was against her, he would be the one to decide the outcome of their engagement. But if she wins, she can go anywhere she pleases. Xiao is on a journey to win his fiance back.

12. Stellar Transformation

Stellar Transformation

Qin Yu Lian has power but can’t keep his own powers in check. This makes Qin Yu Lian more upset with himself. Unable to handle his power, Qin is forced to live a life of isolation with his father, who tries to cheer him up and not give up. This motivates Qui Yu Lian to train himself to gain the ability to control his powers.

While Xian is training, he suddenly gets a red crystal. This red crystal gets fused with Xian’s body. He sets himself on a journey to gain control of his powers.

13. The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife

The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife

Love that gets carried forward from the past life to the next life.

A fox spirit is appointed as the match-maker of the reincarnated humans and the immortal Yokai with whom they fell in love in their past lives. A fox spirit named Tusahan Susu is looking to qualify for the fox spirit position. Susu dreams of match-make Prince Fan Yun Fei and Li Xueyang (his reincarnated lover).

But Susu’s plans fail as Prince Li Xueyang doesn’t want to be reunited with his supernatural lover. So Susu and Yuechu make plans to reunite them by making these past life lovers remember each other and be united again in this lifetime. It’s a beautiful Chinese anime worth a good.

14. Spiritpact


“Spiritpact ” covers the story of Keika, who wants to overcome his conditions of poverty. But his dream remains a dream as he suddenly dies and gets revived as a spirit.

He then enters the body of a famous Chinese human exorcist-Tanmoku Ki. Tanmoku offers protection to You Keika from other human exorcists. In exchange, Keika has to become Tanmoku’s shadow spirit to become his spiritual protector.

15. My Cultivator Girlfriend

My Cultivator Girlfriend

Muzi Li’s Cultivation powers get stolen away by Yimgxiong Ma. Muzi Li must now kill or join her to become a cultivator. People who seek immortal powers call themselves- cultivators.

Cultivators become very powerful after they become immortal. This fact about Cultivators spikes the interest of an old sage who plans to steal the cultivator’s power. The concept of cultivators is taken from Chinese pastime stories, which turns this anime into a watch-worthy Chinese anime for our viewers.


Let us know after watching which anime was your favorite one. After watching them, you can also send us your views about the best Chinese anime list we have provided in our comments section. Don’t forget to share our article with your Otaku friends.

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