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Best Villainess Manga (With The Most Badass Villain Girls)

They say that a hero can leave his love hanging alone to go save the world, while a villain can destroy the whole world for his love. Big difference yet the charm goes to the villain in this case. This mention alone can get you thinking about how popular the villain can be in an anime community.

What do you think the reason might be for their popularity? Is it the storyline or the villain’s style or attitude? Well, the context may vary, but there are no ifs and buts when it comes to the popularity of villain characters in Today’s anime.

Unlike the past times when the heroes got all the cheers, villains now have their fair share of fans. Villains can be many, but few leave a mark in the audience’s minds.

Villains cannot just be male characters; they could be female, too. With this, we’ll start our topic as we bring you the list of the top most badass villain girls from different animes.

Best Villainess Manga of 2023

Villainess In Love

Villainess In Love

Who says only a man could be the central character of a villainess anime? The drama we are discussing has reincarnated young female villains who take the central stage.

She is one of the incredibly jealous female characters who lets her jealousy take over her love for Duke Ishid Lucrenze. The reason behind this was Lucrenze had his eyes only on Raelle, who is Yunifer’s bestie.

When she reincarnates as Yunifer Magnolia, she plans to bring Raelle and Duke to get together. But one day, she wakes up on the same bed as Duke. This gives her a reality shock as she struggles to accept that things aren’t going as she had planned them to be.

The Villainess Is Happy Today

The Villainess Is Happy Today

If you like to watch a twisted love drama, then you must definitely like The Villainess is Happy Today. Villains who stole her own best friend’s boyfriend and invited her best friend to the wedding with her bestie boyfriend. This is a one-of-a-kind fantasy romance novel written by Leilin Shan Candmione.

While Leilin has all that she wants, from money to power, she’s intelligent and also has an influence on many people; Leilin feels emotionally exhausted when she finds out about her cheating husband. She happily throws the husband and his lover together and goes on to find a better life and a better man for herself.

Daddy, I Don’t Want To Marry!

Daddy, I Don't Want To Marry!

This is one anime where the main character is reincarnated as Jubellian Eloy Floyen, who died on her way when she was about to reach her part-time job. She faces a dead-end future where she has to face the problem where she either has to commit suicide to save herself from being tortured.

She knows that if she doesn’t change her future, she will end up committing suicide to save herself from being tortured. But this doesn’t exactly go as she had planned. This time, she realized that she had some self-worth and moved ahead to free herself from entanglements from all her relationships, even her father.

The Villainess Is Retiring

The Villainess Is Retiring

It is a dramatic anime about an air crash while an office worker woman returns from her business trip. She gets reincarnated as Everia Oberon. She is a villainess who is

After dying in an airplane crash on a business trip, an office worker is reincarnated as Everia Oberon, the villainess who is predestined to die and have a tragic death in a romance novel.

But things change as she arrives at the inflammable wood in the cold region.

When The Villainess Is In Love

When The Villainess Is In Love

There is a new anime where a young little girl gets reincarnated into a deadly villainess, who is known by the name Princess Libertia. She is the one who knows about every character in the novel and their fates; she decides to change their fate with her powers. She does this to make everyone’s life happy so they can live happily instead of dying.

Beware The Villainess!

Beware The Villainess!

Beware The Villainess! You’ll be thrilled about the romantic comedy where a woman feels that getting into an accident instead of living an exhausting work life is a much better way to die. A villainess in the novel who gets reincarnated as Melissa Podebright. The suspense is worth watching.

The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer

The Tyrant's Only Perfumer

The story starts with the girl who loves flowers and is named Ariel Winston. She dies because of a weak body and gets reborn into a new body where she turns out to be a Villainess from the novel she read just before her death.

Duke has a health condition where he becomes bloodthirsty when he can’t smell a particular scent, which only Ariel knows how to make.

Duke decided to marry Ariel in exchange for the scent she made. Ariel no longer wants to pursue marriage and decides to live her own life to fulfill her dreams.

What It Takes To Be A Villain

What It Takes To Be A Villain

Dumped by her boyfriend, Hwayoung gets cheated on by her boyfriend and best friend.

She gets selected to become the next Empress as she learns to survive alongside devious characters who scheme against her as she struggles to win her place as the Empress. If she fails to win her Empress place, her family is going to suffer a deadly fate.

The Most Badass Villain Girls of 2023

As we pace through knowing about a great variety of Villainess manga, it’s time for us to also get acquainted with some badass Villains female Characters coming from Rated anime:

Echidna (Re: Zero)


A skilled manipulator who makes people manipulate themselves, pulling themselves into Doctor Faustus and ruining their lives.

She is the darkest character in the anime who keeps herself in the shadows while appearing as a friend. This anime is a good watch for people who love mental stimulation via strategic mind games.

Isabella (The Promised Neverland)


Next on our list is the dark female character from the Anime “The promised Neverland”.

Isabella is portrayed as a character who is feared by many. Her energy is such that she overpowers her opponents just with a death stare glance. Her side-eye is enough to make other characters in the anime wet their pants in fear. As soon as she enters any room, the whole party goes silent.

There is no wonder that she can take down people in the most jaw-dropping way, which she did once and can leave the anime watchers awestruck in an intriguing shock.

Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter (2011) )


The dark female character who can scare the shits out of you goes by the name Neferpitou. One of the most terrifying characters in the Hunter X Hunter anime series. Her power goes above and beyond anything and everything you must have seen before.

Esdeath (Akame ga Kill )


How would it be to watch a female fatale in action? A villainess adorned with a uniform, who’s so scary that she can take down an entire army and whose evil deeds have no limits.

She is a character who is so contrasting that she’s shown ice-cold depth with her evil deeds while being smoky, hot, and warm in her outer disguise to catch her prey. But as soon as she puts on her disguise, she turns out as a shy schoolgirl when she happens to be with Tatsumi.

Himiko Toga (From Re: Zero)

Himiko Toga

Have you ever seen a harmless character suddenly turn into a psychopath? In her initial introduction to the anime “Re Zero,” Himiko Toga can be seen as a simple and plain girl.

Before the manga starts, Himiko remains a harmless girl. But as her character gradually develops through the manga, no better villainess exists than her. Her relationship with Twice is one of the anime highlights. Himiko and Urakara fight is one of the most nail biting episodes in Re Zero anime.

Himiko is an insane character who has so much to offer as a Villainess as her as soon as more suspense enters the anime drama.

Konan (Naruto Shippuden)


One of the best masterpieces in the Naruto and Pain episodes is the villainess character Konan.

Despite Nagato stealing the spotlight from other characters in Naruto Shippuden, Konan still managed to get the second position by being the villainess.

“Konan,” a beautiful but deadly antagonist adorned with white flower clips and a black dress carrying the Akatsuki symbol, follows her group with the leader as Nagato Pain drops paper bombs mercilessly. Even being the villainess, she can take over the hearts of the audience with her twisted character.

Ougi Oshino (Owarimonogatari)

Ougi Oshino

The audience would get a jaw-dropping experience watching a dark female character who opens her mouth to speak and turns the arena into a horror film.

When the other characters don’t know her, she still has a fearful thing about her, which scares the hell out of other leads in the show. She takes the lead as a villainess who assures certain death with her god-level trickery.

With her fatal powers she becomes the most feared villainess. Her powers are so feared that others prey they want to avoid being in a combat situation with her at any cost.

Altair (Re: Creators)


A deadly female anime character acts like a silent sea who can bring storms any moment she wants to show her crazy streaks. A character that has no voiceovers yet with her powerful presence can overwhelm others just with her presence.

A great fighter but from the devil’s side. She has one heck of a cannon. The fights that she does will make you hold the spectacles in awe. One thing you can be sure about is that you will enjoy watching her evil side in action.

Yuno Gasai (Future Diaries)

Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai has been the talk of the anime town for quite a while now. A loose screw girl who single-handedly brought a whole yandere hype in the anime community.

She plays an untamed, powerful antagonist. A deadly gaze is enough from her to make the surroundings turn into a horror moment of fear. The way she kills her enemies with her psychotic killer ways is not for the fainted hearts to bear and see. Watch with your caution is the advice you’ll get from anime watchers like me.

Krul Tepes (Seraph of the End )

Krul Tepes

We’ve all had our times when we were a fan of vampire movies, right? Krul Tepes brings in the vampire thrills in the anime “Seraph of the End).

Ready to wonder what comes next from her? You’ll be enticed to know that a cute and very little female vampire girl, Krul Tepes, was the one who led a whole genocide campaign.

Every time someone tries to face her, she just breaks their bones and calls them her pet. She acts like Princess Krul, meaning cruel, and her cruelty has no end.

If you are ready to watch cruel female goddesses, this list can be a good guide for you.

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