Best Succubus Anime (The Most Seductive Anime Series)

Best Succubus Anime (The Most Seductive Anime Series)

Do you wish to see hot females who take the initiative and drive you wild with their steamy seduction? Look no further than a Succubus.

Succubi are the only characters that consistently indulge in pleasure and enticement, and if one gets too close, it might be both risky and enticing; they appear rather dashing and alluring, but watch out when dealing with them.

At AnimesUpdates, we proudly present a fascinating article on the top Succubus Anime Characters of all time (Ranked). Whether they are on the side of good or evil, these memorable ladies each possess unique talents and traits that compel all to fall under their spell.

Let’s look at the list of Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked).

1. Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo (Overlord)

Do you know who’s an amazing woman with black wings? Albedo, the Guardians’ overseer, protects the mighty Tomb of Nazarick. With her stunning features, black sparkling hair, and elegant white dress, she looks like an angel to everyone’s eyes.

But trust me, she’s not. She’s got a pair of black wings on her waist and horns on her head, which gives her a nightmarish aura, making her one of the best succubi in the anime world, Worthy of no.1 on the list.

2. Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

Hey, you know who’s the second-best succubus in the anime world? It’s this girl called Akeno from High School DxD. Do you want to know why? Well, let me tell you. She’s this sweet and supportive girl, first off. But she’s so much more than that. She’s a succubus with a loving, romantic interest in MC Issei.

She’s not afraid to take charge and use her seduction to tempt him. She even went as far as to take his hand and rub it on her breasts to tease him. Despite her trying to catch his interest with many attempts, Issei occasionally resists her charms, sometimes leaving Akeno heartbroken.

She even went through a traumatic past, which makes her sad at times. Yet despite these setbacks, Akeno remains a formidable and desirable succubus, both physically and emotionally.

3. Sakie Satou (Interviews with Monster Girls)

Sakie Satou (Interviews with Monster Girls)

Do you enjoy watching memorable, humanized succubus characters? Look no further than Sakie Satou from “Interviews with Monster Girls.” She brings a relatable perspective to succubus characters, and shows a deep desire to be accepted for who she is beyond her supernatural identity.

This touching portrayal of an everyday succubus in a regular world makes her one of the most beloved characters among anime fans. What more could you ask for in a memorable anime character?

4. Artemis (Maria the Virgin Witch)

Artemis (Maria the Virgin Witch)

When it comes to anime series that feature succubi, do you want to talk about memorable characters? Artemis, a popular character among fans, certainly deserves a spot on the list.

While teasing Maria about her virginity may be part of her job, Artemis does not enjoy it, which makes her stand out among the many succubi in anime.

Artemis puts effort into seducing Maria with her charm. She has a distinct personality and physical traits that set her apart. She is undoubtedly qualified as one of the best succubi characters in the anime world.

5. Maria Naruse (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Maria Naruse (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

The popularity of Maria, from the series featuring succubi, is not difficult to understand. Not only does she take on a distinct role – the helping hand of the main character, Basara – but she also possesses a seductively playful and flirtatious personality. Her manipulation skills and ability to drain the energy of her enemies in intimate contact make for a potent opponent.

Her loyalty and care towards Basara make her even more endearing and loveable. Maria is surely one of the hottest and best succubi characters in the anime world, making her well-liked among fans.

6. Morrigan Aensland (Vampire Hunter)

Morrigan Aensland (Vampire Hunter)

Morrigan, the well-known and ancient succubus, truly shines in her seductive appearance and timeless beauty. While her age is impressive, her looks are far from reflecting it. Hedonistic in nature, Morrigan visits other worlds to satisfy her pleasure and lust.

Her fanbase is extensive due to the availability of the series in game development developed by Capcom. Undeniably, Morrigan is a recognizable, attractive, and best succubus on this list with her seductive charm and influence in the game series.

7. Ageha Kurono ( Rosario to Vampire Capu2)

Ageha Kurono ( Rosario to Vampire Capu2)

In Rosario to Vampire’s continuation, Ageha Kurono captures her audience with her trendy yet youthful aura. Sporting ocean blue hair and red lips paired with a short yet frilly dress, she exudes an alluring look sure to attract admirers.

In transforming into a succubus, she unleashes her full fem fatale potential and becomes a truly spectacular sight. Despite her transformation, Ageha maintains her loving and caring personality as a mother. Her daughter’s character presents a contrast to hers, and together, they are one of the most memorable and attractive succubi characters.

8. Mayospell (Interspecies Reviewers)

Mayospell (Interspecies Reviewers)

A charming and seductive succubus that’s hot and adorable, Mayospell from the series is the perfect blend of seductive appeal and charm. From her unique name, love for mayonnaise, and working in a brothel, she stands out from her kind.

She’s also not afraid to tease and spread some mayo around, resulting in some truly steamy scenes that are not to be missed. In every way, Mayospell is the best succubus on this list, so be sure to watch out for her and get ready to enjoy her seductive charms.

9. Len (Carnival Phantasm)

Len (Carnival Phantasm)

Len, from the series, is by no means a typical succubus, yet she can easily turn into one just by the power of transformation. Unlike her kind, who harms others for pleasure, Len is good at helping others.

She met Shiki and became close to him. Len has a cute appearance, lengthy blonde hair, and striking red e, and with the perfect qualities to be the best succubus. In every episode, Len never unties the big black ribbon she tied in her hair, making her more appealing and elegant.

10. Kurumu Kurono (Rosario+Vampire)

Kurumu Kurono (Rosario+Vampire)

Kurumu’s love story with Tsukune, a young guy, is a unique take on the love between humans and succubus. Kurumu is a powerful succubus who can seduce and manipulate others’ emotions.

In the story, she meets Tsukune and falls in love with him. They develop a strong bond and share almost everything. Kurumu is also hot in her costumes, with bigger breasts and short skirts. It makes her an outstanding choice for the title of the best succubus in this series.

11. Liliem (Battle Goddess Memoria)

Liliem (Battle Goddess Memoria)

Although we have already been through 10 succubus characters, none is like Liliem. She is unique, with her long purple hair, curvy body and demon wings. But it’s not just her alluring appearance that sets her apart; she has powerful abilities to manipulate and control others, which makes her the perfect seductress to grab your attention.

Liliem is the most beautiful and captivating succubus in the anime verse. She will leave a lasting impression to fulfill your fantasies.

12. Raim (Mairimashita Iruma-Kun)

Raim (Mairimashita Iruma-Kun)

Do you want to learn the skill of seduction from a master succubus? Raim is going to be your next choice. She’s a teacher and a succubus in training, and her work at a witch school is unique but not unexpected for a succubus.

Raim uses her charm and ability to demonstrate how it works with live examples of her male students. With her sexy appearance, purple eyes, and exceptionally big breasts, Raim has quickly become one of the most popular succubus teachers, teaching the skills of seduction and providing an enjoyable learning experience for her students.

13. Loslia (Konosuba)

Loslia (Konosuba)

Loslia is a cute, sweet, and sexy succubus. She may not have big breasts or other physical features, but her demon powers and adorable personality make up for it. Even if she’s shy and insecure about her appearance, her charm makes her the most perfect and irresistible succubus.

After all, who says you can’t have the best succubus without those big breasts? Loslia proves that with her enchanting and seductive charm, no matter her physical attributes.

14. Twiska (Brandish)

Twiska (Brandish)

Twiska is a nocturnal demon who makes it a habit to terrorize the lives of others. Upon nightfall, she sets her sight on Theo – a diminutive teenage boy. Despite being a sex worker, she has some morals.

She is against the notion of abducting young girls and causing them to endure torment for the kidnapper’s gratification. In one instance, she murdered all the males in a gang-bang – a feat not accomplished by most succubi. Twiska’s perspective encompasses both good and evil aspects, making it hard to understand whether she is on the good or bad side.

15. Astarotte Ygvar (Lotte no Omocha!)

Astarotte Ygvar (Lotte no Omocha!)

Astarotte is a young Succubus with a fear of men due to her childhood trauma. To ensure her survival as the premier Princess Succubus, she consumes male essence to maintain her physical well-being and mental state.

She exported human males from Earth and designated them “Harem Toys.” They must provide their sperm via a contract, but only in exchange for permission to live in her world. Despite her alluring appearance, her human-like features make her appear like just another lady.

16. Mayu Tsukimura (Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun)

Mayu Tsukimura (Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun)

Mayu is the only Succubus character feared by males due to androphobia and preferring solitude. She hails from a noble Succubus family but doubts her identity as a Succubus because of her fear of men.

As the story goes on, she goes to her aunt’s house and establishes a connection with the main character, which gradually transforms into love and ultimately enables her to overcome her fear. If we compare her to the other ladies in her world, Mayu’s breasts are larger, and everyone is envious of her assets. Thus, she is the top Succubus on this roster.

17. Carrera (Viper GTS)

Carrera (Viper GTS)

In this anime, Carrera is one of the three Succubi renowned for her ravishing and alluring demeanor. A tall, exquisite, and attractive figure, she sports lengthy green locks and reddish eyes and her larger breasts make her one of the best Succubi in the entire series.

She was designated to extract a unique element known as “Life Energy” from human males, primarily via sexually driven activity or romantic attachment. As the narrative progressed, they extracted significant quantities of energy from humans and constructed a device for devastating purposes.

18. Shamusheru (Kyonyuu Fantasy)

Shamusheru (Kyonyuu Fantasy)

Shamusheru possesses all the characteristics of an ideal Succubus character. Along with her voluptuous physique and bigger breasts, she undertakes various tempting acts. She has a cheeky and playful personality. Also, she excels at teasing the series’ main character, Ryutto.

Oh! She even formed an intimate connection with him to safeguard him from various dangers and hazards. Simultaneously, they engaged in romantic and sexual activities. Her short, curved horns, as well as her revealing attire, make her an impressive character in the realm of succubi.

19. Lilium (Elfen Lied)

Lilium (Elfen Lied)

Lilium, from the anime Elfen Lied, is regarded as obscure and tragic due to her tragic past. As a Diclonius, she has extraordinary telekinetic abilities and destructive vectors that can pulverize any object.

Not only her capabilities, but she also has an innocent personality and cherishes everyone. Even though she experienced numerous challenges and complications, she still possesses the desire to prevent the world from violence.

Her pink hair, kind personality, and genuine love for the world are some of the reasons she is one of the most beloved succubi characters in anime history.

20. Firika Mia Shatana (Demon King Daimao)

Firika Mia Shatana (Demon King Daimao)

In terms of seduction, let us rely on our attractive maiden, Firika. This anime revolves around a conflict between demons and angels. Firika belongs to a secret underground organization. She uses her Succubus abilities to control other male characters in the series.

Later, she cultivates a close relationship with the main character, a demon himself. Their bond intensifies on a daily basis, involving more intimate circumstances. Nonetheless, she backs his choices and cares for him. With her red hair and petite horns, Firika is an ideal Succubus candidate.


Having concluded our rundown of the Top 20 Most Outstanding Succubus Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked), we can attest that these characters can seduce and influence through their attractive looks and curvaceous figures that drive fans wild. Despite being succubi, these characters are sure to attract and captivate your imagination.

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