Best Gunner Anime (Top Rated Shooting Anime List)

Best Gunner Anime (Top Rated Shooting Anime List)

A smooth, friendly and romantic anime may be fun to watch. But an anime without fight scenes can’t keep the audience engaged on the screen. Action scenes in the anime create a thrilling experience and excitement of watching anime. Friends discuss fight scenes; some even re-watch the action sequences in the anime to get the thrill back.

What’s the difference between a real movie action scene and an anime series action scene? The addition of supernatural elements and exaggerated aspects in an anime is able to deliver an impact that not even a real movie can match.

The creation of supernatural scenes in a real movie gives off the feel of being artificial, while the same supernatural powers in an anime feel artistic and natural.

This is a major difference between a real action movie and an action anime series. The fights feel realistic even though they are nowhere near real-life experiences.

If guns are involved in these action-packed anime scenes, it would feel like adding more stars to a moonlit, star-studded sky.

Here is the list of the best hand-picked anime that involve gun scenes for Gun anime lovers:

1. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Number one on our list is the anime series Black Lagoon, where an average-looking Japanese businessman gets captured by a group of mercenaries and decides to join them.

Before joining the Black Lagoon mercenary group, Rokurou lived the life of an average businessman and a boring life. He went on a business delivery trip to Southeast Asia. He wanted to enjoy new adventures in his life while traveling to new places until he got kidnapped by the mercenaries.

Life changed for Rokurou as soon as he got to know that his company people left him to fend for himself after being kidnapped by the mercenaries. Engulfed in anger and rage towards his people, Rokurou joins the mercenaries and prepares himself for a new bloodshed environment.

A dark, turbulent, high-octane action time was waiting ahead of him as he decided to leave his morals behind but still struggled to keep his values alive while adapting to his criminal environment.

The story delves around high-sequence gunfight scenes, which become enjoyable for all age groups.

2. Trigun


With an interesting cast of anime characters and surprising gun-action scenes, this classic 90’s anime is a hidden gem anime.

A vile criminal with a huge bounty head is feared by many for the atrocious crimes that he committed. He is known by a common name among the people as Humanoid Typhoon.

Later, as the anime progresses, the truth about Vash the Stampede gets uncovered as the anime reveals that he was, in fact, a kind and caring person who never committed crimes in his life before.

Just like every other person, his life events got the better of him as he got involved in all sorts of crimes pinned on him. Other bounty hunters keep searching Vash for his large bounty but a girl named Meryl searches for him for a different reason of bringing him to justice.

3. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill

Would you like to watch an anime that involves the use of all sorts of weapons, from guns to swords and various other weapons? If your answer is positive, Akame Ga Kill is one of the top suspense anime that keeps the audience engaged in its amazing gun action scenes.

If you enjoy adventure-packed action series that keep you on your toes and longing for what will happen next, Akame Ga Kill anime is a must-watch.

Night Raid is a group of assassins assembled to bring down Prime Minister Honest for not keeping his word to the people. The anime takes you up and down in the series of its gunfight scenes.

This group of assassins decides to take matters into their own hands as they decide to overthrow the Prime Minister, who committed all sorts of crimes to keep his place and expand his powers just for the sake of his power-hungry greed.

4. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

When gun fights are involved, how can we forget about cowboys? In previous times, cowboys used to carry guns, bringing in the idea of gun action in anime, too. This brings us to the gun-action anime involving cowboys; the anime goes by Cowboy Bebop.

It is a futuristic anime that involves space travel and begins in the time of 2071. When new-style futuristic guns are involved, Cowboy Bebop is an enthralling experience for gun maniac watchers.

A carefree nature bounty hunter, Spike Spiegel has amazing gun-handling skills and stands for no one whenever he is ready for a good fight. The anime shows him as a skilled gun user who never misses his targets. Combined with his weapons, he wins at any cost. He even carries a customized weapon called Jericho 941 R to style himself.

However, to correctly mention, this anime is not only about guns but also involves an interesting plot line containing hilarious moments combined with space adventure. With all elements combined, this anime promises to deliver a great impact on its audience, giving the reason for its popularity.

5. Psycho-Pass


Are you a fan of sci-fi fictional anime set to derive wild adventures to keep the audience glued to the anime? Psycho-Pass is a futuristic anime that involves the characters using advanced futuristic gun weapons that kill the target.

Psycho-pass has an AI system named the Sibyl System that has guns called Dominators, which require different skill levels to be efficiently handled. What’s interesting to watch here in Thai anime is how only a few people can use these advanced guns at specific conditions decided by the AI system master, Sibyl.

Equipped with a sense of justice in him, a character named Akane encounters a criminal kogami, and soon she realizes the glitch in the Sibyl AI system. The fight scenes in this anime are enjoyable and fun to watch if you are a fan of top-tier action anime scenes and plotline twists.

6. Jormungand


The hardcore action anime series has trading of arms, which also has guns. The anime has action scenes that include rifles and machine gun sequences. Imagine a gun-action sequence anime with a child character who despises firearms.

It would be fun to watch how the child Johnathan Mar(Jonah), who hates firearms, gets employed as a firearms dealer. How he deals with his ideals and his struggles while being involved with the gun industry and his report formation with the firearms dealer known as Koko Hekmatyar.

At the start of the anime, Jormungand doesn’t like the head dealer of firearms, but as time passes, his relationship improves as one fine day, Jonah saves her while putting himself in danger.

As he goes deeper into dealing firearms, he learns about Koko’s dream of a world at war, which makes Jonah uncomfortable in his view of her and makes him part ways with her for a short while until he decides where he wants to be.

7. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

With a spoiler title like that, you must have already gotten the hint of the things this anime is all about. Yes, you are guessing it right: The Gunslinger Girl anime series involves girls who also use guns. The anime is full of misery, explicit gunfight scenes, and severe scenes of death and fight scenes.

The story starts at a gun training Italian organization, Socialcial Welfare Agency. They train girls to use guns and other combat skills to rescue orphans from hospitals and train them to the extreme level until they become killer machines.

8. 91 Days

91 Days

A young man named Angelo turns to the path of revenge, weaponized heavily with loaded guns to fight a mafia lord, Vanetti. Vanetti had murdered Angelo’s whole family.

Angelo is shown waiting to hear information about Vanetti’s whereabouts. One day, Angelo receives a mysterious letter asking him to return to the town where he previously lived.

The birthplace of Angelo was known by the name The town of Lawless. Angelo infiltrates his town by changing his name and being disguised as Avilio to enter the mafia gang. There, he gets close to the mafia’s son Nero and starts taking his revenge one by one until only Nero gets left.

9. Golgo 13

Golgo 13

Golgo 13 is one of the longest-running manga in the history of the anime world. The story revolves around a deadly assassin who kills with utmost precision.

For the right price of money, Duke Togo can kill anyone. He is known as one of the deadliest assassins who is hired as a contract killer. He is known to assassinate by using his customized M-16 rifle.

Get ready to watch some exclusive fights as Tago Duke finishes his every fight and achieves his targets with all his might, which the gun-action nerds would love to enjoy.

10. Hellsing


With brutal murder scenes of flying intestines, cut limbs, and eyeballs rolling around one-of-a-kind anime, Hellsing is not to be watched by those with faint hearts.

Hellsing uses gun weapons to kill his targets single-handedly without missing a shot. His victims are villains and criminals. Hellsing acts as a killer machine; using his twin handguns of 454 casual Auto each, he can wipe out an entire army of criminals.

11. Black Cat

Black Cat

The anime characters numbered from 1 to 13, which also has Train Heartnet as the most heartless killer of this group. He is a gun master who uses ornate guns called Hades, which is his main weapon to kill.

Black Cat anime has the most beautifully designed guns and creative gun fight scenes, but the main lead suddenly has a change of heart and decides to leave the world of crime behind and start a new life, until he faces the truth that once you enter the crime world there’s no returning from it. Train still uses guns but vows not to kill anyone who’s innocent.

12. Gungrave


Two brothers, Brandon and Harry, live the life of thugs from a very young age; they have a perverted sense of seducing rich girls and stealing all their money.

Until one day, they both are discovered by a mafia syndicate Millennion and find a new passion to reach the top of this organization. The story follows like this: Brandon tries to protect his only childhood female crush, who is also the wife of a mafia boss. Booth brothers soon become each other’s enemy when Harry kills both the mafia and his wife to get the seat of a mafia boss.

Brandon gets resurrected as a dead man gun killer beyond his death. The anime has cool action sequences that won’t let the audience rest even for the slightest second.

13. Canaan


Another gun anime with a mafia girl named Maria Osoawa, a Japanese photographer who does photography in Shanghai town of China. She partners with Mino and collects newsworthy stories. Things run smoothly until they run into a masked man and a white-haired woman, who appear out of nowhere to save Maria just when she is about to get caught in a mafia’s crossfire.

14. Black Bullet

Black Bullet

Black Bullet anime starts around 2021 when the human world is under attack by deadly parasites called Gastrea. The heroes lay their lives on the line to save as many lives as they can and courageously fight with the monstrous parasites.

Rentaro is one of the anime characters who got attacked by the deadly parasites but somehow managed to survive by taking a special drug and replacing his lost limbs using special prosthetics. He now survives his fights with the parasites by skillfully using guns.

15. Noir


The Noir has explicit gunfight scenes involving female assassins who start their journey to seek answers about their cruel past. They unveil their own past story by finding hidden clues while fighting their way through assassination missions under the name Noir. They lay traps for their enemies and fight with guns under the secret organization Les Soldats.


With the last one on the list, you are now informed about the ‘Top 15 Gun Action Anime list”. As soon as you finish watching your chosen anime from our recommended list, make sure to give your feedback in our comments section below, and stay updated for more!

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